Upper Heyford Heritage Centre



Camp Road, Upper Heyford, Bicester, OX25 5HD, United Kingdom

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Hi Stephen
OK to bring a camera. There is only one area where there is a restriction on photography which is the car storage area – the tour guide will advise you on this.

Hello, any chance of getting on tomorrow’s tour? I hadn’t realised that the tours were running again. I see that there’s one place left.

Hi there. I recently booked for a tour on 18th May 2019. But it looks as though I may have booked twice! I got confused when trying to make the payment! The reference numbers are 480/37/1/654a and the other number is 481/37/1/fc4a.
If indeed I have two places, could one of them be cancelled and refunded?
Mike Coysh

Hi Micheal, I have two places registered for you on the 18 May tour, but no payment notification for either. Please check your Paypal account agrees with this. I’ll send you a payment reminder for one registration. Thanks. Nick uhheritage@outlook.com

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