USAF Airbase Security and Law Enforcement.

3918th Air Police Squadron was responsible for Air Base security when RAF Upper Heyford was a SAC (Strategic Air Command) base. The 3918th Strategic Wing de-activated on 31 March 1965 at the end of Heyford’s time as a SAC TDY base.

3918th Air Police Squadron, 1954.

The 66th Air Police Squadron took over security after the arrival of the 66th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing from France and were was renamed the 66th Security Police Squadron in 1967.

M20 armoured cars, 3918th Air Police Squadron, 1954. These were painted USAF blue. They had the same chassis and lower bodywork as the M8 Greyhound armoured car but without the turret and 37 mm gun. US Army M20s were fitted with a ‘scarf ring’ on which could be mounted a .50 inch machine gun.

In 1970 the 20th Tactical Fighter Wing arrived and, with it, the 20th Security Police Squadron. In 1986 the 20th SPS was reorganized to form the 7320th Security Police Group which controlled 20 Security Police Squadron (law enforcement) and 7320th Security Police Squadron (airbase security).

C Flight 20th SPS, Chevrolet ‘Peacekeeper’ and 42nd ECS EF-111A Raven. Left to right: Sharon Jackson, Woody Reisner, Kevin Selig & Kevin Bostick. This picture appeared on the cover of a Guardian base magazine (via Gerrit ‘Mike’ VanProyen).
20th SPS and 7320th SPG were based in the RAF Guardroom (Building 100) on the airbase main gate.
SRA Scott Hampton, 20th SPS, in Building 100.
Building 100 was refurbished in 1985 and gained a new sign after the re-organization of 20th SPS in 1986.
20th SPS had a K-9 section with six dogs. Due to quarantine restrictions all the dogs were British. this is James Shanahan in 1986.
The K-9 unit kennels were in Building 296 near Gate 7 off Camp Road. The Up n Over Agility Dog Training Club uses this building now.

In December 1988 20th SPS was re-designated 620th SPS.

High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV = Humvees) replaced the Chevrolet ‘Peacekeepers’. at Upper Heyford. Many of the Peacekeepers are still in use with US Law Enforcement.

The 620th Security Police Squadron was de-activated at RAF Upper Heyford in December 1993.