77th Tactical Fighter Squadron, USAF.

F-111E 68-030, 77th TFS. “Crew Chief on 68-030 for many years 78-82. John Foskey was the Assistant Crew Chief. We had 68-030 on a last name initial for three months.” (Cjd Vries)
F-111E 68-0054, 77th TFS. ‘054 served with the 79th TFS also.
F-111E 68-066, 77th TFS, on static display at RAF Alconbury in 1980.
F-111E 68-0077 ‘June Nite’, 77th TFS.
F-111E 68-0049 ’77th Gambler’s Last Deal’. ‘049 had been marked previously as ‘The Grim Reaper’, with the 77th TFS, and had served with 79th TFS.
F-111E 68-0066, 77th TFS, on static display at RAF Alconbury, 1980.
F-111E 68-0077, 77th TFS. “I took this on a tanker ride out of Fairford in April 1980.” (Steve Bond photo).
F-111E 68-0074, 77th TFS, on static display at a RAF Coltishall ‘Battle of Britain Day’ event.
F-111E 68-0069 ‘The Wild Hare’, 77th TFS, at Reg Flag, 1988. ’69 was with the 55th FS in August 1993. “That’s me Saluting .. I crewed it during the six weeks we were there. ,The Love Machine.” (JW Erie).
Mel Otte, 77th AMU, at Incirlik during Desert Shield ‘90. (Mel Otte photo).
Lt Colonel Wesley Trevett, commanding officer, 77th FS, March 1992 to July 1993.
Mel Otte, 77th AMU (Aircraft Maintenance Unit), 1992 (Mel Otte photo).
77th AMU (Aircraft Maintenance Unit) (Mel Otte photo).
Sgt. Arthur Sevigny RAF Upper Heyford 20th TFW 77th TFS Aircrew Life Support 1980 to 1987, from New Hampshire. (Art Sevigny photo).
Sgt Donald Duffie 77th AMU (Aircraft Maintenance Unit) Bravo Flight Crew Chief 1986 to 1990.