55th Tactical Fighter Squadron, USAF.

F-111E ‘074, 55th TFS, dropping Mark 82 bombs on a practice range, believed to be in 1983.
F-111E 68-0016, 55th FS, in about 1993.
F-111E 68-0069, 55th TFS, August 1972. The ‘JS’ tail code was changed to ‘UH’ in the Summer of 1972.
F-111E 68-0055, 55TFS, at RAF St Mawgan in 1981. This aircraft carried the name ‘Heartbreaker’ “named in 1984 by SSgt. Rick Henderson, DCC (Kevin L McCorkle). ‘055 is “now on display at Warner-Robbins, Georgia”. (Robert Comerford).
F-111E 68-0059, 55th TFS, on static display. By August 1993 ‘059 was marked ‘The Mad Bomber’.
F-111E 68-005, 55th TFS.
F-111E 68-0069, 55th TFS, August 1972. The ‘JS’ tail code changed to ‘UH’ during the Summer of 1972.
F-111E, 68-0069, 55th TF or FSS. Photo is later than 1986 as there is a brown ‘commemorative sign’ on the HAS door. It may be as late as 1993 as ‘069 was ‘The Wild Hare’ with the 77th TFS and aircraft passed to the 55th FS as the squadron de-activated.
F-111E 68-0056, 55th TFS, in August 1986, on static display at Upper Heyford during an airshow. “‘This is right across the street from Base Ops , I was there in 86 , the LN bird was coming in to be taxied right next to it . I picked up these guys , then picked up the 42nd fliers that was part of the raid on Libya and they welcomed the crew from the Heath , they spent some quality time with the LN aircrew because they were the wingmen of the lost bird on the mission. It was a emotional moment to be with both crew in my aircrew taxi , as for I was part of the mission as well !” (Tex Roberts). ‘056 was on the strength of the 79th TFS at one time, and was with the 55th FS in August 1993.